HSTCB Volunteer Expectations

  • All volunteers must be approved by Wake County Public Schools; this includes a mandatory background check. Please refer to the Wake County website or call the HSHS main office if you need further information on how to become an approved volunteer.
  • Volunteer work is to take place before or after school hours, unless volunteers are picking up or dropping off items for theatre productions.
  • Volunteers are expected to support the vision of the director. All final decisions for sets, costumes, props, programs, and anything pertaining to the production are made by the director.
  • If volunteers are given the task of purchasing materials for the theatre production, the budget for purchasing these materials must not be exceeded. Receipt documentation is required within one week of its purchase. See the Boosters website for instructions.
  • Volunteers are not to be on campus or around students while under the influence of any judgment-altering substances. This includes, but is not limited to all tobacco and alcohol products.
  • Mutual respect between volunteers, students, and faculty is always expected.
  • Volunteers must adhere to all safety guidelines while working in the auditorium. Eye and ear protection must be used while working with shop equipment and only closed-toed shoes are allowed in the shop areas.
  • If a student or other person is disrespectful, please handle the situation in a calm and respectful way and report the incident to the director at your earliest convenience. If the student or person continues to be disrespectful, please find the director immediately.
  • Do not use inappropriate language, phrases, or statements when working around students.
  • Always refer to the director for any questions, comments, or concerns regarding your assigned task for the theatre production.
  • Please work only on the tasks assigned by the director.

Thank you so much for all your help and for adhering to our expectations for volunteer work in the Holly Springs Theatre Company!

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