HSTC Casting Policy & Company Rules

Holly Springs High School Theatre Company Casting Policy and Rehearsal Rules

Both student and staff Directors always strive to cast fairly, with the guiding objective of assembling the overall cast that will best serve the directorial vision for the show. This requires many hours of careful analysis by the Directors and Mr. Buttner, who take their responsibility in this area very seriously.

HSTC casting decisions are not based on seniority (grade level in school), or years of participation in the program. This is a firm programmatic value arrived at after years of assembling casts, and seeing the exciting results that come from having students collaborate across the grade spectrum from freshman to senior, each cast solely on his or her fit for a given role as revealed through a rigorous and thoughtful audition process. Auditioning for a show can be competitive and sometimes daunting.

HSTC values and celebrates diversity of all kinds. Encouraging diversity of participation is an overall goal of the program. HSTC actively encourages all students to participate in productions as members of cast or crew. All students who audition are considered equally in an inclusive environment and in accordance with HSTC casting principles. HSTC hopes to be a reflection not only of the varied backgrounds and experiences of Holly Springs High School’s staff and students but also of diverse world cultures, life experiences, and theatrical traditions. By carefully selecting a range of different shows each year we strive to tell theatrical stories that represent the richness of our world while offering a wide range of opportunities for all students.

Casting is a very complex process
. In the end, the Directors must choose the students who best fit the roles in many dimensions, both by the individual skills they present in audition, but also in the dynamics that develop between actors who will be creating the driving energy of the show in scenes together. Such dynamics are a large part of what is explored in the “Callback” round of auditions. For students, auditioning is an exciting, yet difficult, process that can bring about greater success, whether cast in the production or not. The more a student auditions, the better they will become, especially if they seek and receive feedback and guidance. The feeling of “rejection” over not getting cast seems disappointing at first, but we strongly urge you to encourage your child to get right back to work as soon as possible so they can sharpen their skills for a future audition. In theatre, as in life, all of us experience both disappointment and success. Our goal is to teach our students how to deal with both, so when they leave Holly Springs

High School they will be well prepared to navigate their way toward success in a complex world.

Due to the large audition pool HSHS’s shows typically experience, your child’s audition does not guarantee him or her in a role in the show. If your child is not cast (and also if he or she is cast), we strongly suggest that (s)he meet with the Directors and/or Mr. Buttner to obtain valuable feedback while it is freshly in mind, in order to further develop skills for future auditions. While disappointment for some is an inevitable part of the experience in any competitive tryout situation, be it an academic, athletic or artistic pursuit, one of the hallmarks of Holly Springs Theatre Company is that there are many other ways to get involved working on the production if you are not cast in an on-stage role. These include technical crew duties, including set design and construction, lights, sound, props, costumes, publicity and makeup. There are also opportunities to be a student producer or stage manager, which you can discuss with Mr. Buttner. If slots of interest are not available in the current show, please consider looking into such opportunities in an upcoming show.

I also strongly encourage each student to take a Theatre Arts, Chorus, or Dance Class — offered as an elective to all grade levels. Each performance arts director at Holly Springs High School are highly talented and maintain outstanding programs. These performance education experiences will further enhance your child’s skills in these areas and give them more confidence for the audition process. The wonderful spirit of camaraderie and collaboration that develops during shows is equally shared by on- and offstage participants. Talking to students who have worked in various roles and jobs will confirm this for your student. Keep an open mind, and seek out a new experience!

If you and/or your child are/is not satisfied with the casting decision 
and wish to inquire as to the reasons for it, the first step is for the student to meet with the show’s Directors. If further discussion is desired, the student should then meet with Mr. Buttner. If, after those meetings, you and/or your child do not feel you received valuable feedback or information you are satisfied with, you are then encouraged to make a joint parent/student appointment with Mr. Buttner. Please be assured that a student’s future participation in the Holly Springs Theatre

Company will not be jeopardized in any way by seeking to have concerns addressed according to this established process.



All participants must maintain an overall score of a C or higher in each class. Teachers will receive a list of students who are involved in the production and will email the Director(s) when there is an academic concern, including concerns with attendance.

2. Online Social Networks Behavior Policy:

Any student, back-stage and on-stage, will be dismissed from the production if they are found posting negative comments about the rehearsal process, a technical member, a fellow actor, director, or overall production on social media – even those that might seem private/secure.

Each person who participates in the production must uphold positive morale throughout the process. Be mature and make good decisions on what you say and write. You’d be surprised how easily someone’s feelings can be hurt.

3. 3 Unexcused absences and you’re out!

4. Wear comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement for all practices. Techs are required to wear closed toe shoes.

5. Food and Drink are not allowed in the rehearsal areas. The ONLY exception is water in an unbreakable, seal-able container. PICK-UP after yourself!!! When needed, lunch or dinner breaks will be provided, but these meals must be eaten outside the rehearsal area unless specifically allowed by the Director.

6. No gum. The end.

7. Please conduct yourself appropriately. ALL district rules are in force during show and rehearsal times. This means that language and actions must be appropriate to the school setting.

8. Please treat the facility and other users with respect.

9. Respect others and their property. Don’t touch other people’s props, costumes, or personal property.

10. Cell phones are not to be turned on during rehearsal. If you must keep one on your person, it may not interfere with the creative process.

11. Visitors are not allowed at rehearsals. In special cases, a visitor may be allowed to attend with the approval of the Directors.

12. Come ready to work hard and play hard. It should be fun and enjoyable for everyone. This requires everyone giving all their effort, so it’s hard work. But it is all about entertaining our audiences with fun, thought-provoking or dramatic theatre.

13. Attitude is job one! If your attitude is awesome, it goes a long way with everyone. This play is not about you, it is about all of us. Remember, discipline is not the enemy of enthusiasm!!! Attitude is all important.

If your attitude begins to become poisonous to others, you had better get over yourself pretty quick, or you will be asked to leave the company and will not be asked back.

14. Only work in assigned areas. Students found in areas that are deemed off-limits or areas that don’t apply to their tech position will result in dismissal from the production.

15. Make smart choices! Along with language and the way you talk to each other, inappropriate behavior, touching, and risk-taking in technical areas will result in dismissal from the production.

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