ITS POINT SHEET: (Make a copy and fill out then share to the google drive)






9/26/19 attendance:

ITS Board Officers & Contact Information 

ITS President : Baylor Mitchell

Baylor Mitchell is a senior and the President of ITS! She has been part of HSTC since her freshman year. She has been involved in countless productions as an actor, tech, and director. She is also a student leader for beginning and intermediate theatre this year, and a part of the advanced acting company. 

Co-Vice President : Dominick Cruze

Dominick Cruze is so excited to be co Vice President with his great friend Walter. Dominick has been apart of HSTC since his freshmen year doing everything from teching, to acting in plays, and being in the musicals. Some of Dominick’s hobbies include taking polaroids, listening to musicals, binge watching “Friends” on repeat and going to tropical smoothie.

Co-Vice President : Walter Higginbothem

Walter is a senior in ITS and is so excited to be co-vice presidents with Dominick this year! He is a huge supporter of the arts and plans to pursue a degree in Musical Theatre in college. In his free time he likes to play with his many pets, listen to music, and to watch movies with his friends.

Secretary : Kalina Hayes

Kalina Hayes is a senior at Holly Springs High School who plans in pursuing theatre for her lifelong career. She loves everything arts related and tries her best to indulge in any form she can. Fun fact: Her favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Communications Chair : Shanee Yamnitsky

Shanee is a junior at HSHS and has been a part of HSTC since freshman year. She has loved being in both theatre and chorus for the last three years! Shanee’s favorite movie is Halloweentown!

Office Manager : Cayton Elderdice

Cayton Elderdice is a senior at Holly Springs High School and the Office Manager of ITS. She has been involved in HSTC since her freshman year and has participated in many productions as both an actor and a tech. She is also a student leader of beginning theatre and beginning technical theatre this year.

Outreach Coordinator : Tyler Healy

Tyler is a junior at HSHS and has been a part of HSTC since her freshman year. She has worked as an actor, tech, and director on many projects in and outside of HSTC, and plans on pursuing theatre as a career in either acting or teaching. She is a Student Leader both semesters this year, and is a co-director of the Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre.

Execu-Tech Board Officers & Contact Information

Co-Scene Shop Manager : Damion Younts

Damion is a senior at HSHS and has been a part of many productions and classes in HSTC. He has experience in Stage Management, and Lighting Design! He is also very active in the HSHS Band Program, and loves music!

Booth Manager : Valentina Moya

Valentina is a senior at HSHS, and has been involved in HSTC since her freshman year. She has done lighting for every major production, as well as sound, costumes, and stage crew for other productions. Her favorite superhero is Spiderman!

Co-Scene Shop Manager : Emma-joy

Emma is a senior in HSTC. Her favorite thing to do is eat and paint. She would like to learn how to roller skate by the end of the year. She wishes a good year to all her fellow students.

Co-House & Costumes Manager : Abbie Haynes

Abbie Haynes is the co- manager for house and costumes. She has been a part of HSTC since her freshman year, and has found an interest in both acting and technical parts of the company. She has taken part of many productions, and even found herself a love for directing as well. She is always excited to meet new and different people.

Co-House & Costumes Manager : Sarah Lindley

Sarah has been involved in HSTC since freshman year and is co costumes and house of ITS. She has grown fond of both acting and the technical side of theatre and hopes to continue and to become more and more successful.

Props Manager : Rhett LaRussa

Rhett is the props manager on the technical part of the ITS board. After having worked in several productions, he’s found a love for theater and working towards a common goal with others, and is looking forward to doing so again with the productions this year.


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