Advanced Theatre Arts / Technical Theatre II & III

Brief Course Description: Acting students will focus on script analysis, theatre history, contemporary scene study, action-based character development, viewpoints and stage a full-scale production. Technical Theatre students will develop leadership skills by applying their knowledge as a crew member for class performances and the semester’s production.

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Advanced Fall Semester Calendar (Daily Instructional Goals, Homework, & Assessments)

Theatre Article Assignment Packet

Self/Peer Collaboration Rubric

HSHS Wifi Instructions

HSTC Handbook Review Form

Script Analysis Template

Digital Portfolio Weebly Instructional PDF – Weebly Instructions!

“Why Arts” Video

Monologue Rubric

NC Theatre Arts Essential Standards rev. 9.5.18


STEP 1: Review the Class Handbook & Syllabus

STEP 2 Due Friday, 9/7: Complete the Handbook Review Form

STEP 3: Print, have your parent/guardian sign, and turn in the following forms (ALL Due Friday, 9/7):

WCPSS Photo & Video Release Form

2018-19 Boosters Membership Form

STEP 4: Join the class’s GroupMe – see the link below


Instructor / Director: Mr. Rome Buttner
B.A. in English, B.A. in Theatre Arts



Twitter: @hshstheatre



Script Materials

Full Script

Self Reflection/Assessment

Using complete sentences, respond to each of the following questions:

1. How do you feel about your group’s performance? How clear was the storytelling?

2. Describe your preparation and how that affected your overall performance. Were you fully prepared? If not, how so?

3. What you feel you did well and what you wished had gone differently.

4. Explain what you learned about yourself as a performer & group member?

5. What you would do differently if you had the opportunity to perform again?

6. Regarding your character and plot, what did your character want from the other person in the scene? What was your tactic to achieve your goal?

7. How could you make that choice (your tactic in achieving your objective) clearer / larger / simpler / bolder?

8. What was your inner monologue while you listened to your partner speak?

9. What is the length of your performance video?


Actors: Notes on Theatre Styles

Blocking Shorthand Guide


Students will perform their 1st final project for the ‘Theatre Company’ timeline.

REQ: Actors and techs in their blacks.

Performances are recorded for peer and self reflection.


Types of Stages:

  1. How does your group stand out? Specific skill-sets?
  2. Come to a consensus about your theatre style? What do you want your audience to experience and gain?
  3. What two theatre companies represent your style? List them and explain why.
  4. Develop a name for your company. Think academic / descriptive / mature
  5. Create the ‘mission statement’ for your theatre company. Research examples of existing theatre companies online.
  6. After reviewing the prezi on the blog, what type of performance space is used for your theatre company? List the type and explain why.
  7. Looking at the calendar for the next couple of weeks, your group will present two short performances.
    1. The material for your performance is either created or sourced.
    2. Half of your acting team will act as the directors for the performance (you will switch for the second performance).
    3. Your tech(s) will fully support your tech needs.
    4. What resources do you need from Buttner?

8.27.18 (Day 1)

Mr. Buttner welcomed students to the new school year. The class reviewed ‘Day 1’ materials and ‘semester at a glance’. Following the paperwork, the students were led by Mr. Buttner in a series of theatre activities (play to learn) that set a good example for a typical class day.

Homework: ‘Semester at a Glance’ signed and returned on 8.28.18. Techs: Tech Contract.

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