2018-2019 Student Placement

2018-2019 Student Placement ~ Based on auditions, interviews, and recommendations.

2018-19 HSTC Advanced Acting Ensemble

2018-2019 HSTC Intermediate Acting Ensemble

**Students who are not placed in their desired ensemble are encouraged to remain in their previous class/ensemble placement. I highly advise all students, actors and techs, to sign up for every opportunity in order to gain experience and improve their craft! Students are also encouraged to create opportunities for themselves! 

Mr. Buttner has finish his first round of auditions and interviews for placement in next year’s beginning theatre and beginning technical theatre classes.


**Don’t see your name? Contact Mr. Buttner at mbuttner@wcpss.net.

2018/19 Class Placement Interview/Audition Information:

Interested in joining a Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced Acting class or the Beginning Technical Theatre class?

Mr Buttner is blessed to have a growing interest in theatre arts at Holly Springs High School, but it equates to a large number of students who sign up for limited spots. Therefore an interview/audition process is required for placement.

Contact Mr. Buttner at mbuttner@wcpss.net to schedule an audition or interview.

What to prepare:

Rising Beginning Students: An optional 1-minute memorized monologue from an established play. Click here for monologue/audition tips.

Rising Intermediate / Advanced Students: A required 90+second memorized monologue from an established play. Click here for monologue/audition tips.

Rising Beginning Technical Theatre Students: Prepare nothing!

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